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Posted by georgem at 2015-10-02 07:36:27
I did a little github house cleaning.

all of mr.spreads original branches (master, mn-test and cpuminer1.2) are now in their own repository called mrspread:

And the main repository spreadcoin
contains now only a branch called master and one called newwallet.

master will always be the most uptodate and well tested version of spreadcoin.
newwallet will always be the current beta wallet where new wallet functions will be introduced and tried out over time.

Eventually after a while, newwallet will merge to become the new master, as has just happened now.
That’s why master and newwallet at the moment are identical, because we just had the new release, but I will start working on new wallet-features right away (there is always something to be fixed, improved or introduced), so if you want to test new wallet features always look into newwallet branch.

Thanks, and stay tuned.